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WeaverLane provides Web Development, Systems Administration and Information Technology Support to individuals and small businesses in Hawaii. Please reveiw my resume and a rather longish cover-letter (written in response to a special solicitation) for more details about myself and my services. Scroll down to view examples of recent web site designs.

This site has been collecting different iterations and design experiments for the past four years. Each section looks different, but outbound links should be obvious. If you get lost or confused, I'd sure like to know about it. If you're looking for something in particular, use this form:

Web Development

A stand-alone computer is as much an anomaly as a business without an Internet presence. You can have unlimited Internet access, email with your own .com domain address and a website for less than you're presently paying for other forms of advertising. Your website doesn't have to be on the "bleeding edge" (expensively) designed to be both attractive and effective. These examples show how the web can work for you, a topic I'm ever ready to discuss.

For three months was at the center of the public outcry over the attempted merger between Hawaiian and Aloha Airlines. It rallied supporters on Oahu and in Lihue, Wailuku, Kona and Hilo to voice their disapproval at public hearings held throughout the state. Its discussion boards registered almost a thousand entries and two weeks after the announcement that the merger was called off, it was receiving over 400 hits per day. Links here are to the archived pages on this site. The domain no longer exists.

Representative of many things that the Web does well, the on-line presence of this premier property management firm in Waikiki is leveraged by the staff to exhibit their accomodations through a collection of pictorial inventories.

This image intensive, high bandwidth treatment was developed for local artist Kealoha Pa to display his unique batik-on-wood creations.

It's just a machine!

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