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MCP (3/6 MCSE)
331A Kapaloala Pl.
Honolulu, HI 96734
(808) 457-8912


Me 'oukou ka welina o ke aloha!

Prior to beginning my own business as a computer consultant, I was the office manager for a service and construction plumbing company that desired to modernize their business procedures. I installed computers, networked them, installed accounting and communications software and was responsible for data input, billing, reports and bank reconcilliations as well as collections and customer relations while maintaining the dispatching of service units.

Early in my new career I began helping clients with the redesign of headers and footers for their document templates and with formatting their database reports. I extracted spreadsheet data and imported it into a reverse engineered and redesigned Microsoft Access database (Jet4) and then into an SQL database - installed failed components, rebuilt network connections (DNS, WINS, SNMP, telnet), ran backups, accomplished password recovery and presented software demonstrations of PowerPoint while conducting training and tutoring in other MSOffice applications so that the full functionality of the products could be leveraged in many different organizations.

I became involved in Government Contracting as EC/EDI (Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange) was slowly (and expensively) becoming the secure transaction medium it is today, taking clients through the complexities of registration, integration, administration and monitoring of their accounts and becoming familiar with FAR, FACNET, CALS and x-12.

I installed Apache Webserver/Sendmail/Perl (CGI) and WebStore on a stand alone computer in order to demonstrate to a client an ecommerce solution.

For the past three years I've been involved in web site development, applying topical data from user research and the study of information architecture to ensure usability in the products and services I provide. Late last year I became disenchanted with server installed content management solutions and participated in the beta program of CityDesk from Fogcreek Software, a desktop CMS product that is slowly but steadily becoming the standard in ease of use. From last January until April I was the web master and writer for The Citizens For Competitive Air Travel - Hoopau.com, the public activist group that successfully stopped the merger between Hawaiian and Aloha Airlines. I am now in the process of redeveloping the website of Beachcomber Realty, a local property management firm in Waikiki.

I've explored the Adobe and Macromedia families of web development and graphics manipulations/document conversion sotware (Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Cold Fusion), but edit code more directly (and economically, if less efficiently) with Homesite, HTML-KIT and UltraEdit on HTML, DHTML, Javascript, CGI/Perl, PHP and MySQL applications, using PhotoImpact and Paint Shop Pro for imaging creation and manipulation and WS-FTP for file transfers.

My experience in systems administration, in the Microsoft OS and web server installation and setup provides for a trouble-shooting skill set that has helped to overcome limitations of various software suites by the application of in-depth knowledge of computer architecture, basic programming languages and internet protocols.

Now I would like to bring these skills to support the goals of your company with passion and integrity about producing excellent results. I believe there is a compatible match between your needs and my capabilities and invite you to contact me.

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