s m a l l c a s e

it's been awhile...

things picked up in december of last year and i've just been too busy to post anything new here (or elsewhere) since. i'll be addressing that state of affairs over the next few months.

the following will have to suffice for now:

"i am still growing and enhancing, developing and unfolding, revealing and being revealed into a world that was once a series of uncomfortable stages and has become habitable in its inconstancy because of the changes i've wrought in myself."

of course one can't expect the world to stand still at the same time: during the last days of july i was forced to rebuild the computer i've used everyday for the past 7 years.

the experience was invigorating.

change is not the reason
wetware   24 Sep, 2002

change is good
hardware upgrade   08 Sep, 2002

at home, at sea
spindrift   10 Nov, 2001

the cobbler's shoes
upgrade redux   06 Nov, 2001

your aunt sadie could handle this
old pictures   06 Nov, 2001

welcome to smallcase
e komo mai!   05 Nov, 2001

an excuse for fall cleaning
buh-bye, Win95   05 Nov, 2001

more things we do for love
homenetworking   05 Nov, 2001

smallcase: i heard the term used by rush limbaugh as in, "dubya, dubya, dubya dot oursponsor dot com, all small case, no space." it stuck. then i spun the dial. rush was a lot more fun when there was a democrat in the whitehouse.

my name is haku. i'm an information systems technician and i work with computers to design, build and maintain systems that manage information.


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