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Hardware: It's all just parts.

This page went online in April of 1999. It was updated on the first of July, 2001. Each link was checked for existence and re-directs and corrected to reflect the changes.

Office of Engineering and Technology
When all you have is an FCC ID number on an IC Card or chip, this page can help you identify the manufacturer and the part.

The online guide to semi-conductors.

Power Supply
As it goes, so go all the other components inside your computer.

Functions and Signals
Is PCGuide's comprehensive coverage of the subject.

Power Problems
An inflammatory but informational report.


The most comprehensive motherboard site on the Web.


Wim's BIOS Page
The Basic Input-Output System begins the boot process. This is one of the oldest - and still maintained - sites offering Flash BIOS upgrade information. Look to The BIOS Survival Guide for definitive FAQs and The BIOS Optimization Guide for information not distraction.

A shareware BIOS Configuration Utility.


The Ultimate Memory Guide
Kingston Technology's in depth illustrated tutorial is the best on the Web.


Craig Hart goes where others fear to tread: Assembly language programming of hardware devices. Got an IRQ conflict after installing that new PCI Card? Get help here.


The USB Workshop
Almost faultless on new hardware, USB is what Plug and Play was meant to be.


SCSI Info Central
From the editor of the SCSI-FAQ at comp.periphs.scsi. None better.

Device Drivers

Software for your hardware and peripherals.

Hard Drive: OEM Support

Western Digital

A German page, (in English) featuring 5900 Hard Disk Drivers, 1500 Controllers, installation directions, jumper settings, utilities and more.

Hard Drive Management

Ranish Partition Manager is free software and his Partitioning Primer is the best short course on "what's inside your hard drive."

The Partition Resizer
A free program to resize and move partitions without data loss.

Dispels the mystery of one of the most indispensable, and possibly destructful programs on your computer.

Apple's Macintosh
Are beautiful machines but still cost twice as much as comparable Wintel equipment. At least cross platform integration can be accomplished easily with a little help from the folks at MacWindows.

Apple Tech Exchange
Info Source for Apple Computers.

Apple Tech Info Library
Search the Tech Library.

Mac Fixit
Troubleshooting Solutions.

The original Macintosh news and information site since 1994.

The MacMouse Club
is located in Waikiki and the Head Cheese there is Rolf Nordahl. It's where I'd take my Mac if I had one.

HardNews Plus

The PC enthusiasts resource.

Tom's Hardware Guide
Olden, Golden. Proven.

Comprehensive coverage of the Personal Computer.

The Computer Information Center
A general tech-knowledge base.

Tech Target
Tech-specialized Search Engines.

Loose Parts

When you want to run more than one operating system on a single machine.

Sculpted CD.com
CD-R media doesn't have to be plain or round.

The HSP Micromodem 56 is becoming too popular to suffer bad drivers. Only their manufacturers recommend them and most don't upgrade the drivers, but you can try one that's custom built. (It worked for me!)

CD-R/RW is fast replacing the floppy disk as the most common removable-storage medium. CD Burning's extensive collection of links can help you to make an informed decision if you're not burning yet or trouble shoot the inevitable glich if you are.

* Fine Print *

A technician in Georgia uses this to "Cover His Ass". I'm always on the lookout for a more polite way to state the obvious. Aren't you?


Esteemed Client:

While we endeavor to offer service of the highest quality, we are from time to time faced with situations which are beyond our control. Please be aware of the following:

Electronic equipment may fail at any time without any warning. We use state-of-the-art repair techniques and stand firmly behind our work and workmanship; however, motherboards, RAM, hard drives and other parts may fail while in our care. Should this occur you will be contacted to determine how we should proceed. It is an axiom in the industry that it is not if a hard drive will fail but when.

Unless other arrangements are made you are solely responsible for all programs and more importantly, all data stored on your computer. Please back up all data before any scheduled work begins.

Software is a protected intellectual property. It is legally and ethically required that you own the software on your system. Often, in order for your system to be put back in proper operating condition, it will be necessary to reload the existing software; please do not ask us to provide it.

Viruses are rampant; your system will be examined for any infection and, if any virus is present, all work will cease until your system is cleaned. There will be additional charges for this service.

We thank you for your attention to these conditions.

*Note: I'm still looking.


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