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Imaging: A picture worth 31 words.

The Numbers

1 bit: The smallest binary number, 1 or 0.
1 byte: 8 bits, one character or letter.
1000 bytes: 1Kilobyte or 1Kb.
5 letters and a space make up one word.
This picture of Amari is 25.5Kb.

At 56K it took less than a second to download.
The rest of this page is 24.8Kb,
including 9 other images.

Measure Twice

Take a Course

Start with Color Matters and count the ways. Then on to fundamental color theory and practice. World of Color introduces the color wheel and Color Models extends the explanation through computer applications.

NY Institute of Photography
You can sign up for an on-line course or avail yourself of their free tutorials.

Guides to Quality
By and for digital librarians, this site is both comprehensive and dynamic.

Graphics in Electronic Presentations is an instructional Technologies Masters Program from Virginia PolyTech; written for teachers, by teachers.

Dmitry's Top Ten Tips haven't been updated since 1996 and are still relevant. At his Design Lab's archives are two years of articles on advanced web and graphics design.

Production Graphics
Where Wendy Peck shows how to produce the latest effects in both PhotoShop and PaintShop Pro.


Award winning short courses on digital imaging.

Digital Photography Review is where you'll find all the latest in digital camera and digital imaging news, discussion forums, samples galleries, regular photography articles and the most comprehensive database of digital camera specifications and prices.


Wayne Fulton's "A Few Scanning Tips" has been on the Web for a couple of years. It just keeps getting better. 

The Scanning FAQ: Hard Science.

Sullivan's Scanning Tips Online: Good tips, all eleven of them; great illustrations.


Cut Once


Adobe Photoshop is the standard graphics manipulation software used by most publishing, video, and graphics related companies around the world. It costs US$598.00. 

It's a very complex program with a long and steep learning curve and is so resource intensive that it can slow an older computer to a crawl. 

Paintshop Pro, on the other hand, can be found at Costco for well under $100. There are certain filters and techniques that aren't in Paintshop Pro, but for Webwork it's a superb tool. 

It's easy to learn, loads quickly on older hardware and can be downloaded and installed on a 30 day trial basis for free from JASC.

Paintshop Pro Resources

The Paintshop Pro Users Group is an online community dedicated to those who use the program. Much better than the Help file.

At PSP Power you can sign up for a weekly newsletter of tips and tricks. 

Pinoy's Tutorials are very well written, very well illustrated.

At Web Graphics on a Budget you can download PSP tutorials in PDF format.

Web Fast and Web Safe

Optimizing Web Graphics:
Tips and online tools to make graphics files download faster.

Visibone's page can help to define those colors that are browser independent with an explanation of "browser safe" colors and a downloadable palette that you can use with Paintshop Pro.

Colormix.com: 216 isn't many colors, when the shade you want isn't on the palette you've got. You can mix your own here from browser safe colors. All of the table backgrounds on this page are representative, a lighter yellow, a lighter blue. A light brown I can live with.

Loose Pics

A Paint Shop Pro lover shares her Paint Shop Pro Toybox.

Paint Shop Pro's Top 10 Very Frequently Asked Questions (& a couple of dozen more).

Teph's Tricks, Simple Filters and Harry's: plug-in filters for Paint Shop Pro.

Tutorials and more at Paint Shop Pro Tutorial Links.

Photoshop Elements: Finally, a mid-range imaging application from Adobe. Jay Arraich’s Tips is a comprehensive collection of screen shot illustrated Elements tutorials.


I like to use these three free programs for fast and simple organization and presentation of graphics. A Square Image can crop your picture to a predetermined size with just a couple of mouse clicks. A Smaller Image, from the same folks at Trivista, is their shareware version and has much more functionality.

Listpics will make an easily edited webpage of all graphics files in a given directory. Images is a Piclist of all the graphics files in this directory and FootDog is a page from the family album.

Batch Thumbs goes a little further by creating a webpage with thumbnails linked to the original pictures in a given directory. The "thumbs" in this example have been constrained to a maximum height/width of 96 pixels.


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