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MSOffice: Windows other half.

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If you use MSOffice, you NEED Woody's Watch.
"Your single best source for up-to-the-minute OfficeThings." 
"Bettah than Pig, Bettah than Poi!"    Better than Clippy the Help Wizard. 

Microsoft Office Support

How to Find Technical Information About Office Products
Primer on how to use The Knowledge Base to find information about how to use MSOffice applications.

The Office Resource Kit
Deployment, Customization, Features and Architecture. 


MSOffice Download Center
Updates, templates, clip art, cursors and tutorials are available here.

MSDN Office Developer
Integrating and automating Office applications.

Folks associated with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program share their expertise.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Download Center
Choose your version of Access. Under, "Show Results for," choose, "Archive (older than 6 months)." This will return a list of files that may be helpful, especially if you're still using earlier releases of MSAccess.

Office Developer Forum
Building Applications with Microsoft Access for Windows 97.

Search the Knowledge Base
Select your version of Access. Select Keywords. Enter these criteria: "kbhowto". Select Full Text Search. Returned 200 titles for me. Your mileage may vary.

Access Tips

Access Archon
A collection of Helen Fedema's columns from Woody Leonhard's WOPR publications. Lot's of great scripts and examples to download.

Tony's Access Tips

Tips for Access Database Users

Access links
Three pages of links from Somuch.com

Access Tutorials

Clean and Simple
From Baruch College, CUNY

Graphics Rich
from the University of British Columbia's
Commerce 391 Class.

The Access Web

Access WebRing
182 Helpful Websites.


Microsoft Excel

Search the Knowledge Base
Select Excel for Windows.
Select Keywords.
Enter these criteria: kbhowto
Select Full Text Search.
Returned 200 titles for me.
Your mileage may vary.

Cool "Secrets" About Excel
...from Microsoft.

A unique service from the UK that provides help in understanding the ways to use spreadsheets in economics, accounting, and business research.

Excel Tutorials

Learning Excel
My first Excel Tutorial.

Advanced Excel
From the College of Business at the University of Colorado.

John F. Lacher
This Excel Adept offers tutorials, examples and consulting services via e-mail. Click on the TOC icon for the Table of Contents.

Excel Tips

The Spreadsheet Page
Help, History, Jokes...and not just Excel. 

The UK's AccountingWeb uses Expert Guides to pesent Excel productivity tips and pivot table tutorials. 

Chip Pearson
Great tips plus a Symbolizer worksheet add-in.

Business Modelling Solutions
Helpful and interesting utilities, examples, tips and techniques.

Ask A Professional
Volunteer Excel Pros e-mail answers.

David McRitchie XL Pages
Not much organization but a Mountain of Tips. His Index page is aphabetized but that won't speed up your search for specifics. Good trolling for tips here.


Loose Clips

Resources, tips, registry customisation and programs for MS Word and Windows 98 can be acquired from Serenity Macros. He's not writing software for future versions of Word, partly because, "each release of Word incorporates most of the features of Serenity Macros."

It's a small world : OzGrid Business Applications is an econsulting service in Western Australia that specializes in Excel: from remote training to custom enhancements, all handled over the Internet. They moderate a fairly active message board where Excel users discuss their challenges and they provide a list of tips that regular users of the program could come to depend on.

At MathTools you can access thousands (yes, thousands!) of links to Excel resources...but they want your email address in exchange. If you don't have a spamcan account at HotMail to feed the clueless, you can route around this inconvenience::: Right click the desired link and choose, "Copy Shortcut." Then PASTE it into Notepad (or your favorite text editor), SELECT (hi-lite) and COPY only that part of the link relating to your desired destination. PASTE it into the Address bar of your browser, click on the Go button or hit ENTER and carry on.

This procedure works at About.com (and many other sites) to escape framed browsing and other inconveniences that may be encountered on the Internet.

MSOffice XP, the newest release of Microsoft Office, is a demanding application requiring more processing power, more disk space, more RAM and more money. Parties interested in pursuing comparable software options that are both compatible and economical should be evaluating Star Office and 602Pro PC SUITE. These products can be used to edit documents and spreadsheets created by Microsoft software and both are free.

Egonomic Guidelines
It's your workspace and if you don't make it a safe and comfortable place to work, then who will?


Sooner, rather than later, Microsoft will discontinue support
for earlier versions of its software.

If you heard it here first then you haven't been paying attention.

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