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Windows: makes the world go around.

For 80% of all Personal Computers, there is no second.
The support resources are extensive and if you've got a problem, chances are Microsoft's engineers have posted a solution somewhere at Microsoft.com.

Microsoft Public

Product Support Directory
A good general place to start.

Search the Knowledgebase
Technicians' Library of Microsoft manuals, updated continuously.

Microsoft Update
Automated update of your Windows software.

Corporate Downloads
For those who prefer more control over software installations.

Microsoft Tech

Where Microsoft professionals go for answers. 

MSDN: Microsoft Developers Network
Resource for developers of applications that work in Windows. HTML, ASP, XML, VBasic, DNA and much.

The MSDN Library
"contains a bounty of technical programming information, including sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides." 


Loose Panes


Get 'em while you still can!

And then down load the rest of the "critical and other beneficial updates" for Windows 98.

Available from Microsoft: A new TweakUI, MS Virtual Machine and Service Pack 1 for IE5.5.

Less is more: Remove the Mystery Behind Windows Registry and do it the easy way at EasyTweak.

Faster than MSTechnet, the Windows IT professional's free online technical reference library may be less comprehensive but it's a lot easier to use.

You can troubleshoot Win98SE shutdown problems or just download and install the Win98 Shutdown Supplement.

"The most common problem reported is known as "DLL Hell": After installing a new application, one or more existing programs quit working." Read this for fun because although the author admits that "problems will be much easier to find and fix," the cure lies elswhere than the Windows Operating System.

Resource Management: What not to load at startup.

"This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." If you'd like to find out why click up the Windows 98 and Windows Me Error Message Resource Center. Even if it won't help, it can't hurt.

Improve the performance of Win95/98 Drive Defragmentation. Download Power Defrag.



The process began when you first turned your machine on and filled in the registration forms. Then you learned about all those things Windows does that you wish it wouldn't. Look to Annoyances.org: Win95 and Win98 for detailed instruction in clearing the clutter, coping with and customizing your system. Determined users might consider 98Lite, the program that removes Internet Explorer from Win95/98. They could gain 40 plus megabytes on their hard drives and a faster and more stable system especially if they're running older hardware.

Every Windows machine would benefit by the installation of The Power Toys Set. This collection of registry editing applets has been around almost as long as Windows95, allowing discerning users the ability to customize many settings that aren't easily accessed. They work in Win98 but you won't read about it at Microsoft. As noted elsewhere, you can expect that Microsoft will discontinue support for older operating systems as newer releases are made available so grab these while you can.

If editing the Registry isn't in your deck of cards you can also look to Xteq Systems X-Setup. More than 500 hidden functions can be controlled with a couple of mouse clicks, and the program is free.

Beyond Personalization

I see it my way, you can see it any which way you like! Shell City showcases hundreds of shell extensions to help you mold your computer into a spandex fit of your lifestyle.


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